Access to data in the Central Credit Information system

In the case of natural persons who previously worked in the territory of Hungary, foreign financial institutions routinely request information, for the purpose of credit assessments, on whether the person applying for a loan previously had any loans in Hungary.

Under the KHR Act, financial institutions operating outside Hungary are not subscribers to the Hungarian KHR system, and as such they cannot obtain the data required for their credit assessments directly from the system.

For the above reasons, we recommend that Hungarian citizens working abroad or foreign persons with income from Hungary should request their proprietary credit reports in respect of their proprietary data for their loan applications with foreign financial institutions. Prepared in Hungarian, this document provides official information on all reference data held on record about the requestor in the Central Credit Information System in Hungary, which foreign financial institutions may use for their credit assessments.

Under Act CXXII of 2011 on the Central Credit Information System (“KHR Act”), proprietary credit reports may be requested via any Hungarian financial institution or directly from BISZ Zrt. by submitting a previously completed form by post or in person.

More information on the Central Credit Information System is available HERE

The English version of the form required to request proprietary credit reports (easy to complete for foreign citizens as well) is available at the bottom of the page in the Downloadable documents section.

Proprietary credit reports may be requested without any restrictions, free of any charges or other fees to the requestor.

Based on the request received, the proprietary credit report is generated by BISZ Zrt. within 3 days and is sent, according to the requestor’s choice of delivery method indicated in the request form, either electronically in a compressed and password-protected e-mail attachment, or by posting the document to the requestor’s mailing address with a certificate of delivery attached (a foreign address may also be provided).

We do not set an original seal or signature on proprietary credit reports, as they qualify as true copies without such features.

Proprietary credit reports are generated and delivered in Hungarian. Translations into any foreign language are the responsibility of the requestor.

Downloadable documents: (available only in Hungarian)